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What should you wear to the photo shoot?

01 Feel good in clothes

The first and most important thing is to remember that your outfit reflects your own style. So feel good and wear clothes that make you feel really confident and happy. If you feel good, you'll look good too! Choose one that gives you freedom of movement and doesn't require a lot of management during photography.

02 Take into account the decorations and colors of your home

When choosing a color palette for a photo shoot, consider the walls and decoration of your home and also their colors. It is worth choosing ones that match in color, so that the tones of the pictures displayed on the wall will harmonize with the atmosphere of the home.

03 Also consider the location of the photo shoot

Always think about the location of the photo shoot. I guess you don't want to stand out from your surroundings. If you want pictures with a natural, relaxed atmosphere, then dress in a way that fits the atmosphere of the location in style. For example: if the family photo shoot takes place at a riverside, a light summer dress with bare feet goes very well.

Jegyes fotó
Jegyes fotózás


But what colors will suit my style?

The other most important thing is to choose colors that reflect a natural line, since you must have chosen me as your photographer because you want to see pictures of yourself like my reference pictures. However, this can only work if you also pay attention to the colors for your clothes. :) 

01 Avoid clothes with large logos, inscriptions, and figures.

These can spoil the harmony of the pictures! However, with patterns, your clothes will be less boring, we can make them a little more exciting! If you decide on a pattern, then look for small, simple designs, in soft and natural colors! Avoid garish, large ones! As I mentioned, please do not choose t-shirts with character designs and large inscriptions! 

02 Use layers

Layering is the best way to diversify your outfit or add a little color. Wear a cardigan or jacket over the dress, or a scarf, maybe throw on a belt! 

Boys can have a jacket, a cap... Don't be afraid of patterns either, they can work well in moderation, and the different textures also look good.

02 Natural, pastel colors

Below you can see some examples of the colors I have in mind. I recommend that you first choose 2-3 basic colors and continue with their shades so that everything fits together, but they are not the same. It is not necessary for every family member to wear the same color, but it is important that the colors look good together. We don't expect everyone to look the same, and we don't want them to. :) In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact that very dark clothes will also darken the pictures, and bright colors do not match my color scheme, so please avoid dark (e.g. black) and bright colors (e.g. red, lemon yellow, blue).

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