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Esküvői fotó
Esküvői fotó

Hey there!


About me

Lifestyle photographer

It is my passion to tell your story through the lens of my camera.

Kopcsa Dorottya fotós
Kopcsa Dorottya fotós

How do I shoot?

My main goal is naturalness, so that fun, lively and self-identifying pictures of you are born. Such pictures really show how you make each other laugh, what your love language is like and what you are like!

Kopcsa Dorottya fotós
Esküvői fotó

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Portré fotózás

Marian Reismann

"Really good pictures have two basic, connected motifs: honesty and naturalness."


behind the scenes

Are you ready to work together?

If you think that our tastes match, and you would also like such pictures to be born, contact me!

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