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Páros fotózás

Photography conditions

The Client declares that the Photographer knows both her photography and editing style, he/she has no objections to it.

The Client accepts that only the Photographer has the right to further edit the images submitted by the Photographer.

Raw photos are the property of the Photographer and cannot be released.

As the images are the intellectual property of the Photographer, the Client authorizes the Photographer to use the photograph (s) in reference quantities for an unlimited period of time. (If you do not agree, the Photographer will unfortunately not be able to take the photo.)

The right of use extends to the reproduction, distribution, transmission to the public (in print, on the Internet) of the photograph (s) for an unlimited number and for an indefinite period of time.

The Client declares that he will indicate the Photographer when publishing the images. You acknowledge that if you fail to do so, you may be charged up to 100% of the royalty under copyright protection. In the event that the Customer transfers the images to a third party, he is obliged to inform him as well. The responsibility lies with the Customer.

The Photographer does not bear any responsibility, including liability for damage, for the use of the photographs by a third person for which the Photographer has not given permission to a third person.

The Client accepts that he is obliged to compensate the Photographer for any damage caused during the photography. (Tangible assets: camera, lens, flashes, lamps).

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